20% of emails sent were bundled with Ransomware in 2016

In digital market, most popular and dangerous cyber attack called Ransomware is spreading through email attachments. In 2016, according to the bearers of bad news known as Kaspersky, 20 per cent of all the email traffic that bounced around was crammed with ransomware trojans. Kaspersky has points out that over 50 per cent of all traffic is spam.

In Kaspersky Lab, Darya Gudkova, spam analyst expert told that “2016 saw a variety of changes in spam flows, with an increase in the number of malicious mass mailings containing ransomware being the most significant. Such an extensive use of ransomware may be due to the availability of this sort of malware on the black market”.

Presently, cybercriminals can not only rent a botnet to send out spam, they can also use so-called Ransomware-as-a-Service. It means that the attacker may not be a hacker in the traditional sense and also don’t know how to code. In 2017 the volume of malicious spam is unlikely to fall.


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