Microsoft Authenticator App supports phone Sign-in for Microsoft Accounts

Microsoft announced latest phone sign-in feature for Microsoft accounts on Android as well as iOS device with  Microsoft Authenticator app. Due to this feature, users will no longer be required to type in their passwords to log into their accounts and can simply get the access by approving the prompt on their phones.

Alex Simons (Director of Program Management) said that,

“Just add your account to the Android or iOS Microsoft Authenticator app, then enter your username as usual when signing in somewhere new. Instead of entering your password, you’ll get a notification on your phone. Unlock your phone, tap ‘Approve’, and you’re in”.

How to set things up?

  • If you already use the Microsoft Authenticator for your personal account, select the dropdown button on your account tile, and choose Enable phone sign-in.
  • If you are adding a new account on an Android phone, we’ll automatically prompt you to set it up.
  • If you are adding a new account on an iPhone, and we’ll automatically set it up for you by default.

About Microsoft Authenticator

This thing should be easier to use than the usual two-step verification. Despite not needing a password, logging in still requires a second, physical element that is locked down by either a PIN or fingerprint.

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