Google Gboard on Android can Recognise Emojis You Draw

Google’s keyboard app named Gboard for Android has got an update bringing several latest features such as phrase suggestions, improved in-place search, and an interesting emoji handwriting feature. These features are available version Gboard v6.3 for Android.

An interesting one feature is Handwriting Support for emojis. You can now draw your desired emoji on the keyboard, and the app will recognise it and throw suggestions based on it. In the emoji search box, there is now a handwriting icon to draw emoji directly onto the screen.

Reena Lee (Product Manager) said:

“When you’re searching in the keyboard, we’ll now offer multiple results for you to browse through, making it easier to search and share in any app. In addition, on a card, you can click through to go to Maps, call a business, or watch a YouTube video. Just press the G or arrow->magnifying glass in the suggestion strip to start searching.” 

Another one is Phrase Suggestions that automatically throws recommendations at you based on what you type in the app.

For example, when you you type ‘What do you think’, you will be prompted with ‘about this?’. Gboard already has a search feature that lets you search Google for just about anything.

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