130 Character Limit Posts Come to Facebook

Facebook’s 130 character limit posts feature which comes actually from Twitter’s 140 character Tweets. With this new feature, facebook has decided to opt for 130 character which is actually even less space to express your thoughts and opinions.

Facebook’s 130 Character Limit Posts

As per the Facebook’s new feature, you can post status messages with large text and color backgrounds on your wall. Your timeline is already filled up with such things, and if you’ve posted one then there’s a good chance that it got more likes and reactions than usual.

When you create a new post and tap any of the coloured circles which are being shown to US users, a new pop-up will appear, which will have coloured background and a limit of 130 characters.

Till date, there have been no official statements from either Facebook or Twitter regarding this new feature.

Facebook’s new feature is not an exact clone of Twitter and the company just stole the idea of number. Unlike Twitter, there’s no countdown ticker in the bottom-right corner and you can still post things more than 130 characters if needed.


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