Google Talk is Officially Dead, Long live Hangouts

Google has finally killed off its Google Talk service and has replaced it with Hangouts. It means that anyone who was still using Google Talk rather than Hangouts will now be forced to shift to the latter to continue messaging on Gmail.

Google Talk which came into existence back in 2005, is among the company’s oldest messaging applications that have been in a state of limbo given the various new messaging apps that the company has introduced including the more recent Google Allo.

According to Google, Gchat die-hard fans will find the Dense Roster settings in Hangouts more to their liking since it should provide a similar experience as their favorite chat service.

Hangouts promises advanced improvements over Gchat, including group video calling and full integration with other Google services.

Google announced in March:

It would drop support for carrier SMS on Hangouts and would instead be shifting it to Android Messages. The company in recent months has been trying to rewire Hangouts to serve G Suite and enterprise users, much like Slack or Microsoft Teams, and making it the default chat for Gmail is an effort towards the same.

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