Facebook introduces Profile Picture Protections

Social media giant Facebook introduces new protections for profile pictures for users to stop people from copying, sharing, or otherwise misusing their images. Users who elect to guard their profile through the new system will ensure that others can’t send, share, or download their picture, and will keep strangers from tagging themselves in the image.

Users can add different kinds of layers quickly through Facebook’s system, but the tools aren’t likely to cut out the copying of profile pictures overnight.

Facebook says that:

Being as simple as adding a design overlay to a photo means that others are at shortest 75 percent less likely to copy it. It will also prevent users from taking screen shots of users’ profile pictures “where possible.” It’s doing what it can to stop people from screenshotting images via Android, users could still take screengrabs on laptop or desktop, and the new blue shielded border is a “visual cue” of protection, rather than any hard barrier.

Though, If tests have shown that fairly simple additions can deter opportunists, then the tools are a potentially useful option for Indian users. For now, Facebook has not yet indicated whether similar measures will come to other countries.

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