Telegram 4.1 update brings new Admin Rights and Supergroups 10,000

Telegram 4.1 update brings with lots of advance and cool features for both Android and iOS. The feature set includes Admin tools, increasing the supergroup limit, Android Pay and more. Additionally, Telegram 4.1 for iOS also brings improved sharing extension and on Android, the app gets Android Pay support for bot payments.

Admin Rights

Telegram 4.1 gives new rights to group admins, allowing them to add admins with specific sets of privileges to help run the group. Now, admins can choose the privileges they want to offer to new admins like the ability to add new users, manage messages, block members, edit group info, or even add new admins.

Admins can restrict their actions in the group and decide their functionalities like send or read messages/media/stickers. These cool features will keep admins super cool as they no longer need to remove a group member. They can stay in the group as a read-only member.

SuperGroups 10,000

Telegram has now increased their maximum limit to 10,000 members. That is a lot to count on them, similar to the population of a small town. It will be a tedious process for admins to control over 10000 members. To make it simple With the 4.1 update, supergroup admins can now have more control over the group.

Sharing for iOS

Telegram 4.1 brings an improved sharing extension which will mean that users can now share stuff from other apps to Telegram with additions like optional comment and select multiple recipients easily. The new version also brings 3D Touch enabled gestures on the app icon which will show new actions including taking a photo/video and sending it to multiple recipients.

Android Pay support for Bot Payments

Telegram version 4.1 gives Android Pay support for bot payments as well as improved media selection for photos and videos which will now be shown together when sharing from the attachment menu or gallery.

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