WhatsApp Gets Night Mode Feature to In-App Camera in iPhones

Most Popular Messaging App named WhatsApp gets Night Mode Feature to In-App Camera in iPhones. The area where this minimalism does not work in WhatsApp’s favor is the camera, which is rather basic compared to rival apps and makes users lose out on a bunch of add-ons they can enjoy elsewhere. However, it seems WhatsApp is fixing that with a new update, which adds a new shooting mode for better photos in the dark.

How to Turn on Night Mode in the in-app camera?

You tap on the crescent moon icon on the top-right corner, next to the flash toggle. When you tap on the crescent moon icon, the feature will be activated and the photo taken will be brighter than earlier.

The Night Mode icon appears by default only when the camera sensor detects low light conditions, and not otherwise. Once it does appear, it is inactive by default and you need to tap on it to turn it on. The icon changes

The icon changes color to yellow to show Night Mode is activated.

                                         Night Mode Screen for iPhone(Left) & Android(Right)

The feature is available in photos only, and we did not notice any change in lighting while recording videos, nor was there the WhatsApp Night Mode icon in video mode.

Currently, the Night Mode feature is available only on the latest version of WhatsApp for iPhone and is not yet available on Android, even beta. There is no word yet regarding when this feature will be released in Android.

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