Uttar Pradesh Municipal Committee’s Website Hacked by “Kashmiri”

On Wednesday, A website of the municipal committee in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur district was hacked by a person, who called himself a “Kashmiri”.

Posted Messages on Homepage of the Rampur municipal committee Website

 “Hacked by NABEEL” 

“A single BEE is ignored but when millions come together with the bravest RUN IN FEAR. The one thing the government fear is the day we stand together”


“I am a Kashmiri, it is my crime? But I am proud committing the crime”

Ashwini Tripathi ( IT specialist) said:

“The message was being flashed each time we visited the website and unlike floating advertisements, it was blocking the entire homepage.” The website was developed two years ago by a Noida-based company which was informed about the messages.

“The experts from the company cleared it hours after we informed them about it.”

“No harm was done to the website or any other data attached to it by the hack.”

Faizan Alam (Principal programmer of the company) said:

“The website lacked security features and was easily hacked into. But the hacker apparently was only an amateur and was able to alter only the homepage.”

“We have cleared the glitch and advised the municipal committee to buy additional security features for the website.”

The officials of the municipal committee decided not to register a police complaint regarding the matter.

Police officials said:

“They were not aware of the hacking.”

“An investigation will be ordered regarding the matter once a formal police complaint is filed by the municipal committee.”

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