Jharkhand Right Panel’s Website Hacked with Stop Killing Muslims Message

Jharkhand State Human Rights Commission (JSHRC) website was hacked and defaced with messages such as “Stop killing Muslims” for the second time within a span of 10 months, exposing its vulnerability. The website was hacked by a hacker group codenamed ‘Mr. H1DD3N’ in July,

Hacker Posted a Message on Homepage of the site

India Hello Modi….stop killing innocent Muslims, stop killing beef eaters, stop torturing Muslim women, stop arresting Muslim boys from college.

We are a human being.We are equal.

We are equal.

We are Islamic Cyber (sic).

 Sorry for my actions

This is just a lesson for you to make your website more secure

Fix the gap immediately

I am not a destroyer I am a slit seeker. Because there is no safe system then you should be more careful (sic)

JSHRC secretary Bhagwan Das said:

“Ranchi police have been informed about the hacking of the site and asked to lodge an FIR against unidentified persons,”

In September, same website was compromised. Founder of National Anti-hacking Group Vineet Kumar said two to three hackers were involved and they used proxy server.

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