Latest WhatsApp Update Lets You Send Any Type of Document Attachment

Most popular messaging app called WhatsApp brings a latest update for allowing you to share any type of document file. Initially, users could only share PDF. However there is a catch. Users can’t share files above 100 MB in size.

Media Bundling Feature

It has also introduced the feature of shared media bundling, which will enable users to see all of their pictures and videos in the in-app camera by swiping up. So users can see the pictures in a single page with the help of this media bundling feature.

How to send Document on WhatsApp?

  • Tap the paperclip icon at the top right of the screen to add an attachment to your message.

  • You’ll see six icons pop up, the first of which is ‘Document’.

  • Tap the Document icon. WhatsApp will bring up a list of documents stored on your phone.

  • Select a document by tapping on it. To send press Send in the pop-up window.

Enable Text Formatting in Chat

A latest WhatsApp update also enables text formatting in the chat. When typing text in a chat window, users can now tap and hold to select the text to easily bold, strikethrough, or italicise. This feature was also available earlier to beta users.

Swipe Up to pick up a Call

WhatsApp for Android update also brings minor change to the WhatsApp call screen where users will now have to swipe up instead of sideways to pick up a call. The revamped WhatsApp call screen was also spotted last month.

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