Google Hire Recruiting Tool Launched With G Suite Integration for Enterprises

Google has launched a Google Hire Recruiting Tool for small and medium businesses recruit effectively. comes with G Suite integration that allows the app to work in synchronization with other apps like Gmail and Google Calendar, among others.

Google said in its blog post:

“Hire makes it easy for you to identify talent, build strong candidate relationships and efficiently manage the interview process end-to-end. Recruiters can communicate with the candidates with either Gmail or the new Hire app and the emails will sync automatically in both. They can also schedule the interviews from the new tool with visibility into an interviewer’s schedule from Google Calendar itself.”

“Hire also automatically includes important details in Calendar invites, like contact information, the full interview schedule and what questions each interviewer should focus on.” 

Benefits of this App in Enterprises

The enterprises will get the option to track the candidates in a pipeline and then analyze their data in Google Sheets. Google says that Hire is available for purchase for all those US-based businesses that have under 1,000 employees. To recall, the search giant launched its Google for Jobs tool in May to help the job seekers search for opportunities.

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