Apple Music for Artists Now Available to Musicians

Apple Music for Artists

Apple has launched its analytics platform for musicians, called “Apple Music for Artists”, is out of beta and available for all. This platform is intended to help artistes get insights about how their music is performing on a platform across the world.

According to The Verge report, Apple Music for Artists has been around in beta since mid-2018, and much of what was around then is still around now. It’s just been tweaked and refined as musicians have given their input. Basic dashboard stats like your overall plays, song purchases on iTunes, and radio spins — on Apple Music editorial and algorithmic stations — are still front and center, badges are still automatically awarded for hitting milestones and personal bests, and artists can upload their own profile image.

According to Gedgets blog post, “Apple Music for Aritsts” has been introduced for artistes as part of Apple Music itself. Musicians can also sign up and claim their account on Apple’s dedicated site. “Apple Music for Artists” is available on both Web dashboard as well as on a new standalone iOS app.

Feature Details

  • Artistes would be able to view basic demographics about their listeners like age, gender and cities where their songs are being played.
  • Metric reviewing options like music video views, daily listeners and detailed information about playlists to which an artist’s songs have been added to and their positions on those playlists would also be available, the report said.
  • Artists can now see their Shazam data, including the top shazamed cities and countries. 

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