Bitdefender released Bart Ransomware Decryption Tool

A Romanian Internet security software firm named Bitdefender released decryption tool for Bart Ransomware. The Bart ransomware was first found in July 2016. Extensions of this Ransomware are “, .bart and .perl”. Bart can encrypt a victim’s files without relying on any internet connection. To resolve this severe attack, Bitdefender has found new decryption tool which can decrypt all the files as well as recover the data.

Bitdefender says that “Decryption tool is a result of the collaboration between the company, Europol, and the Romanian police and it comes to support the “No More Ransome” initiative that was started by Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre.”


About Bart Ransomware

Bart Ransomware can encrypt complete system files and also deleting system restore points, generating a seed to create an encryption key using information from the victim’s machine, enumerating files and encrypting them with the generated key. Bart uses a master key to encrypt the key used to encrypt the files, before displaying the ransom note and redirecting the victim to a .onion website.

Bart Ransomware code was written by a Russian hacker. If your computer system can be detected in Russian, Belorussian or Ukrainian language then, this malware won’t affect on this system.

To decrypt the files you require an internet connection to access the attacker’s Command and Control server which is used to transfer bitcoins and receive the decryption key.