Facebook Lite App has infected with Spy FakePlay Trojan

Facebook Lite, a version of the social media mobile app has found infected with Trojan that can steal personal information said by security researcher from Malwarebytes. This app is more compact version of the original app and it was designed to work more optimally with low-end phones and poor wireless connections. It was actually developed by Chinese hackers.

This fake app works as it is supposed to, but there’s some extra malicious activity working in the background. To perform its malicious activity, the malware uses the malicious receiver “com.google.update.LaunchReceiver” and service “com.google.update.GetInst”, both of which are deceivingly named to look related to Google Update.

Security researchers has observed that com.google.update.LaunchReceiver runs whenever the phone is booted, immediately running the receiver com.google.update.GetInst. The latter is the one containing the malicious code which was made to steal your personal information and to install additional malicious apps. For instance, it can grap your device ID, system version, Mac Address, network operator name, Sim serial number and more. Malwarebytes recommended in its report that mobile device owners download Facebook Lite only from the official Google Play store.