Facebook new feature out! Facebook now lets users report conversations in messenger.

Facebook has now availed a new feature for it’s users.The new feature is all about the Facebook messenger.This feature allows the user to report any conversation on the messenger which violets it’s community standards.

Precisely the new feature allows users to report offensive messages from others directly through the Android app. The same reporting tool was previously only accessible through the Facebook reporting section or on the desktop version of Messenger. With the latest update, Messenger users will now be able to bring Facebook’s attention to conversations that potentially break the social networking site’s community standards.

Previously the users could only report the activity in messenger via Facebook reporting tools or even messenger web.The feature can be accessed by tapping the name of the person with whom the user is conversing and then scrolling to ‘Something’s Wrong’ tab under which a number of categories can be selected for conversations being reported such as harassment, hate speech, suicide danger, or self-injury, sharing inappropriate things, unauthorized sales, or fake account suspicions. Aside from being able to report conversations on Messenger for mobile, users also have the option to block the person being reported. 

Hadi Michel (Product Manager for Messenger) said in a blog post

Facebook’s Community Operations team will review reports from across the world in more than 50 languages. The goal is to speed up the way Facebook’s team addresses a range of issues on its messaging platform.