Google Doodle Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Pi Day

Today on 14th March, Google doodle celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Pi Day. Google doodle has been created by award-winning pastry chef, Dominique Ansel. Ansel describes the process of cooking itself as a scientific process where one has to be precise, keep in mind volume and weight in a video to celebrate the Pi day.

March 14 is also written as 3.14 (March = 3 and day = 14) – hence, March 14 is Pi Day!

Pi day is celebrated in various ways, and eating pies is just one of them. In this year, NASA has come up with a mathematical challenge called “Pie In The Sky”, which poses different questions that need to be solved by using Pi. 

About Pi

The Greek letter Pi is used to symbolise the number in mathematical equations. Pi represents the ratio of a circumference of any circle to its diameter, which has been calculated to approximately 3.14159. No matter the size of the circle, this ratio stays the same.

History of Pi

Pi was first used in 1706 by mathematician William Jones and became poplar after it was adopted by Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler.

In 1988, physicist Larry Shaw first found the constant Pi which is often the most used constant in many various fields of mathematics, especially in geometry. In geometry, pie plays an important constant in finding out the area of a circle. 

Google has added the recipe of caramel apple pie in the Google doodle blog post for those who want to try the dish.

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