GSTN Strengthens its Cyber Security System

GSTN is in charge of technological infrastructure for the new goods and services tax regime and opened its portal to taxpayer registration in November. This saw Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) which is a cyber attack aimed at disrupting services and bringing down the host system.

Cyber attack and subsequent plans to build a cyber security unit were confirmed by two sources.

“There were attempts from countries such as Pakistan and China to swarm the system with a DDOS attack and bring it down. GSTN was able to ensure the system was not disrupted.”

Rajesh Maurya (Regional Vice-president, India & SAARC at Fortinet) said :

“Regarding the threat landscape, it is as bad as it’s ever been, if not worse. Cyber crime is big business and is growing at an exponential rate.” 

CSRF attack has been seen in GSTN system. In this attack, a malware creates a Trojan, which can execute unwanted actions from the user’s end. The source cited above said GSTN has also put in place systems to prevent such malware attacks. The network did not respond to specific queries about cyber security threats. Experts feel GSTN can expect hacking attempts, given the importance of commercial data it will handle.