iOS 10.3 fixes a bug in Safari which allowed for scammers to trick users into paying Ransom

Apple has released latest iOS 10.3 version in that, it fixes a bug that in Safari allowed for scammers to trick users into paying fees. The bug flaw has allowed ransomware scammers to display popup windows in a sort of endless cycle. The user would end up on an attacker website that posed as a law enforcement site informing them that they had to pay a fine for some sort of illegal action. In this campaign, Scammers are targeted users who are interested to watch pornography videos and attempting to illegally download music and contents.

How it works?

The flaw was first discovered when a user was led to the website pay-police dot com and thereby lost control of Safari. The screenshot below shows how the user ended up on the site and the endless cycle of popups that they experienced.

In this trick, a person would be “locked” out from using Safari unless they paid a ransom fee.

How to fix it?

Users could fix the issue by clearing their browsing history and cache. In iOS 10.3, the flaw has been fixed entirely and thus users should no longer get trapped in the endless cycle of JavaScript popups in Safari.