Microsoft’s Windows 10 CLOUD : The mysterious operating system

Windows 10 Cloud is indeed a lightweight version of the Windows 10 platform. It would be easy to run on low-cost PCs that cater to education and business sectors. It can be only run Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. Microsoft’s indeed positioning Windows Cloud as its answer to Google’s Chrome OS powering Chromebooks in the market at present. But, the operating system is not 100% Cloud based like Google’s Chrome OS so it’s either just a cool buzzword Microsoft wants to use given its well stated “Cloud first” strategy.

Windows 10 Cloud seems a smart way for Microsoft to test what could ultimately become the long term future for Windows: a stripped back, AWP exclusive, Cloud focused and maybe even introduce the potential for new pricing structures such as the monthly rental fees Microsoft already has in place for business.

Microsoft announced that Windows 10 is “the last version of Windows”. So suddenly switching strategy to managing two new Windows versions seems odd. It was also a disaster the last time Microsoft tried to do this with Windows 8 and Windows RT.