New WhatsApp Chat filter coming soon:How to use this new feature?

WhatsApp is working on a new Chat filter feature that will make it easier to find a keyword in a labyrinth of chats.This new feature is about to be launched .It has already raised the level of curiosity amongst Whatsapp users.According to WaBetaInfo, Chat filter is part of app version 2.18.84.Also there are news regarding availability of this new feature only to the WhatsApp Business users.

The early UI clues,shared by WaBetaInfo, reveals that the feature will allow users to search for messages quickly, filtering them through unread chats, groups and broadcast lists.The feature is still in it’s BETA Phase for WhatsApp Business for Android.

Confused about the new feature? We are here to help you out! It’s as simple as that! Let’s consider a real life example.You visit a library for finding a book.The librarian guides you to the section where the book resides.But among the bunch of books, it’s a tough job to find a particular book you have been searching.What do you do now? You now go for more specific search. So you now look under Love stories and then search the deck that says writers with names starting from a particular alphabet.This makes your search easy, isn’t it? This is exactly what whatsapp filter is all about!

Chat filter is like that library sticker that makes your search easier. Chat filters basically narrow your search by selecting filters like unread chats, groups and broadcast lists. So if you type a word and then select unread chats, WhatsApp will select search that word through all unread chats in your WhatsApp. This will be an important update because it will allow users to decide where can WhatsApp search for that word in the app.

How to use this new WhatsApp chat filter?

This feature hasn’t gone live yet.Once the user taps on the search icon, a filter icon will be shown.After selecting it, users will be given the option to choose where the WhatsApp has to look for that message.

WhatsApp is also working on WhatsApp Business App for iOS users.This feature is available for the Android users.The new feature also includes a restricted feature which allows only group administrators to send out messages,which means the other group members will only be given read rights .