North Korean Radio Station Hacked to Play ‘The Final Countdown’

Hackers North Korean short-wave radio station, 6400kHz, got hacked to play the 1986 hit song from ’80s Swedish  rock band Europe, “The Final Countdown.” The 6400kHz station is based in Kanggye close to the North Korean border with China and is used by North Korean radio station Pyongyang Broadcasting Station, which also broadcasts on the 621, 1053, and 3250 frequencies.

This news has been posted on Twitter by Vigilante hacker named “The Jester”.

Strategic Sentinel stated on Twitter on 23rd September:

“Radio Pyongyang has broadcasted coded messages on 6400kHz. Usually, when they do this it signals an upcoming provocation.”

In September, “The most likely thought for these messages is an expected missile test on the heels of #DPRK FM #UNGA statements.”

After the North Korean broadcast was hijacked to play a ’80s rock song, many reacted on Twitter with applause and laugh while poking fun at the totalitarian regime.

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