Rbi Starts Helpline To Handle Bank Accounts Hacking

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has launched a helpline to handle bank accounts hacking in that callers can get detailed information on the issue just by giving a “missed call” on8691960000. The missed call to this helpline number is returned with another call that provides more information on steps to be taken in such cases. It also gives information on how to file a complaint with the cyber cell of the local police and on a specially designed website sachet.rbi.org.in.

The main objective of this campaign is fighting against rising instances of fraud. RBI wants any individual receiving an offer of lottery winnings or easy funds from RBI or some government body, to complain immediately on the Sachet website. Some such frauds also promise credit cards directly from RBI as also an ‘allbank balance enquiry’ app. This would enable the authorities to nab the culprit and stamp out the menace.

In this fraud, the fraudulent SMS asks the recipient to deposit Rs 9,500 as “fund release order fee charges” with a bank account — which the fraudster presents as that of the RBI itself — and provide bank account, Aadhaar and address details for getting an amount of over Rs 2 crore (denominated in the US dollar and other foreign currencies) as a portion of “funds recovered from the erstwhile British rulers”.

RBI has clarified that people confronted with fraudulent requests should not fall into the trap of paying fees or charges to get large sums in return as the RBI/RBI Governor/Government never send such email/SMS/call. The RBI has also clarified that it does not open any account for individuals and cautions against getting misguided by calls or SMSes seeking transfer of money to purported RBI account or sharing of personal banking details.