A Researcher Discovered Latest Method to Crack iPhone Passcode

A researcher discovered latest method to crack iphone passcode. According to the security researcher, a hacker can easily brute force your phone’s passcode without any data loss. 

This bug is actually present in the iOS. So, all devices running different versions of iOS are equally vulnerable, regardless of whether it is an iPhone or an iPad. iPhone limits the number of attempts to enter a passcode.

Matthew Hickey, a security researcher and co-founder of cybersecurity firm Hacker Housetweeted Friday about a potential way to bypass security limits, allowing him to enter as many passcodes as he wants — even on the latest version of iOS 11.3. Matthew Hickey has already reported about this passcode flaw in iPhone as he disclosed on his Twitter account.

How to Crack the Passcode?

According to Matthew, instead of entering combinations of multiple four or six-digit codes, a single long string with various supposed codes (without spaces) will bypass the limit. This can be done by connecting the device to a computer.

Matthew has demonstrated this flaw in a video on his twitter account:

Apple IOS <= 12 Erase Data bypass, tested heavily with iOS11, brute force 4/6digit PIN’s without limits (complex passwords YMMV) https://t.co/1wBZOEsBJl – demo of the exploit in action.

iOS 12 Users Will Remain Safe

According to the latest hacking news post, Bypassing the data-erase feature in any device requires it to be connected to a computer. This secures the iOS 12 users with the USB Restricted Mode that simply limits a USB connection for the charging purpose only.

Although a patch is rolled out and all users running iOS 11.3 or less should prevent physical access to their device while Apple is yet to comment about this bug.