Supreme Court Website Hacked?

Supreme Court website hacked shortly after it’s verdict in the Loya case. This prevented uploading of the judgement till late afternoon. An SC official release though called it a “technical glitch” which was sorted out soon. The top court officials confirmed that the website had become “non-functional” from 11.35am and said all efforts were being made to restore normalcy.

Below screenshot of the top court web page circulating on social media sites showed signs left by some Brazilian hackers who may have targeted it.

Earlier, the site flashed an error message “Err_Socket_Not_Connected” which means that the site was facing a Domain Name System error.

According to TheHindu blog post, “As the process of restoring the official website would have taken some more time, it was decided to dispense soft copy of the judgement to the media persons through the undersigned. The copying branch of the Supreme Court was also instructed to provide copies of the judgement to anyone making request in that behalf.