You Can Now Send Money Using Google Assistant on Google Pay

You can now send money using Google Assistant on Google Pay. Google Assistant users in the United States will now be able to use the Assistant on their phone to send money to their friends, family members, or other contacts on their phones via Google’s payment platform. 

Sending and receiving money through Google Pay is free.

As per the TechCrunch post, this feature is only available on phones, but Google tells us that it plans to offer the same functionality through its Google Home speakers in the coming months. One of the reasons for this is probably the fact that the phone offers a more secure process for authenticating who you are. On the phone, Google will ask for either a password or a fingerprint to make sure who are who you say you are.

How to send Money using Google Assistant?

Sam Kansara (Product Manager at Google Pay) said in a blog post :

“You can ask your Google Assistant to pay your friends back with Google Pay. You can easily send or request money from your contacts for free – using the Assistant on Android and iOS phones in the US.”

“To get started, just say ‘Hey Google, request $20 from Sam for the show tonight’ or ‘Hey Google, send Jane $15 for lunch today’ and let your Google Assistant do the rest.”

As per the The Verge blog post, Transactions made via Google Assistant would require authentication beyond just your voiceprint to send money, either with their Google password or fingerprint.